Devotional Thought

It’s Good To Be Home!

When Ross was growing up, his family often went on camping trips lasting two or three weeks. They always slept in a tent — never in a motel.

As a kid, Ross loved camping. There was the adventure of driving across the country. There was the opportunity of pitching a tent in many different places. There was the beautiful scenery. For the most part, he thought it was great.

Camping gets old, however! After a couple weeks of it, Ross was ready for a real bed. He wanted something more comfortable and permanent. As his family finally pulled into their driveway, he would say to himself, “It’s good to be home!”

As good as it is to be home, earthly homes are not permanent. In fact, God’s Word compares all of life to an extended camping trip (Read Hebrews 13:14.)! It’s like always living in a tent.

While there may be days of adventure, life on this earth also includes dreary days, days of discomfort and pain, days of sadness — even death. That’s because of our sin.

Facing death can be a frightening aspect, especially if we don’t know what comes after it. That’s why Jesus means so much to us!

Jesus “tented” among us. Only his earthly life was not once marred by sin. Rather, he took on your sin and mine. He suffered and died for our sin. He then rose from the dead to prove that he paid for our sin in full.

Because of what Jesus did, we have the hope “that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands” (2 Corinthians 5:1).

Do you ever get tired of life? Escaping is not the answer. Jesus is.

Jesus has taken care of the problem that underlies all of our problems. Because of him, all Christians are able to say without fear of contradiction: It’s good to be home!