Devotional Thought

We’re No Weightlifters

Let’s face it.  Yes, you’ve tried. But you’ve failed. You might as well be realistic. Someone else can do the clean and jerk and those dead lifts. You’re not cut out to be a weightlifter.

There are other weights that you can’t lift either. That bothers you even more.

You feel bad about it, but you can’t make your grandmother’s pain go away. Nor can you take away the disappointment you see when you tell your family you have to work late. And you can’t dissolve the guilt you feel because of the stupid wrongs you’ve committed.

The good news is you know someone who can do that! No one makes him lift the burden. He does it willingly. No one else can do it. He is the only one. His name is Jesus.

Jesus lifts the weight none of us can. On the first Easter morning he showed his power over death. He rose from the dead. Now that’s real power-lifting!

The grave was not stronger than Jesus. Even the huge stone that sealed its entrance was no match for his angels.

Jesus does still more. He lifts the burden of sin from us because of his death on the cross. He also removes the guilt of sin that weighs so heavily on our consciences.

Because of Jesus’ victory, we may be confident the penalty for sins is lifted. All those who trust in him will live forever with him.

He can be your personal weightlifter too.