Devotional Thought

Why I Support the Church

Dennis has a passion for trout fishing. Bill remembers their first conversation. Dennis was unloading his vehicle. “Nice Jeep!” Bill said.

“It’ll get me where I want to go!” Dennis replied, and then he held up his waders and fly rod. Since then, Bill and he have spent many happy hours together. They fish, talk fishing, and eat fish.

Dennis wants Bill to join a group called “Trout Unlimited.” It’s a volunteer organization dedicated to improving trout stream quality and educating the public.

Dennis is very involved in the organization. He’s the president of the local chapter. Every summer he donates literally hundreds of hours in organizing the fund-raising banquet and giving free trout fishing seminars.

Bill never asked Dennis why he does all that. The answer is obvious. Dennis loves the sport of trout fishing. It makes him happy.

If you can understand Dennis’ love for trout fishing, then you can understand Bill’s love for Jesus Christ. Bill loves him because of all he did for him. Jesus makes him happy! Bill knows Jesus took the blame for all his sins, so when he dies, he will go to heaven.

Bill’s love for Jesus moves him to support the church. He teaches Sunday School, ushers for worship services, and puts generous gifts into the offering plate.

Some say that all the church wants is money. That is not true. We aren’t in love with money. We’re in love with Christ. “We love because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19).

Like Trout Unlimited, we too want to educate the public . . . however, concerning Christ and heaven.

By the way, Dennis accepted Bill’s invitation to come to a Bible study group. Dennis learned about his Savior and became a believer. Now, when the two of them go fishing, they have even more good things to talk about.

Pastor R.