Devotional Thought

The Bible Isn’t Trustworthy

“Hey, Mister! Give you a good deal! Genuine Rolex watch. Only $16! No? How about $12? Still no? Maybe $6? Okay, okay. I give it to you free!”

Sound too good to be true? Does it sound like the Bible?

Is the Bible a collection of myths from the ancient past? Stories about God by sincere but misguided people long ago? Fairy tales? Science fiction? The deluded dreams of the wishful? An opiate for the unthinking masses?

Many people think the Bible is disproved by modern science. Many people reject it in today’s world.

How about you? What do you believe?

Do you take other people’s word for really important things? Or do you investigate for yourself?

What does the Bible say about love, sin, evil forces, forgiveness, life, or death? What does it say about God, heaven, hell?

Are you thinking there is no proof for what the Bible says?

How can you prove to a blind man that the sun is shining? You don’t need to. He can feel its warmth.

Have you felt the warmth of God’s love? The proof is in reading the Bible.

Don’t expect to grasp everything the Bible says in your first hour of reading. Many people don’t understand how their car works, even after years of driving. So don’t give up.

Remember also, God talks to you as you read his Word. He wants you to understand what he wrote. Look for the simple meaning. Concentrate on God’s love for you as he shows it through his Son, your Savior Jesus Christ.

And be in church every Sunday!  Listen as the the Bible is explained and applied to your life every week.  I want you to know more about God’s love for you.

Pastor R.