Devotional Thought

I Procrastinate

Have you heard of the Procrastinators’ Club? They issued a statement denouncing the War of 1812 as a horrible injustice. The statement came out in 1975.

Yes, there really is a Procrastinators’ Club. Their spokesman said, “Our group is dedicated to the proposition that, at times, the best thing you can do about a problem is nothing. Many problems, if you wait long enough, just go away by themselves.”

Certain problems do “just go away.” There’s some truth to the maxim, “Nothing is a good thing to say. Sometimes it’s even a good thing to do.”

At other times, doing nothing is the worst thing possible. (Ask a cancer patient!) Many problems are solvable only within a certain window of opportunity. Once the window closes, the opportunity is gone.

That’s definitely true in spiritual matters. God gives each of us a certain number of years on this earth. The years of our life are often called our “time of grace.”

Our lifetime is our God-given time to come to faith. That’s when our faith is to grow to maturity through the gospel message. That’s when we are to glorify God by a life of worship and praise.

Are you toying with your time of grace? Are you thinking, “I’ll make time for God someday. In the meantime, don’t call me, God. I’ll call you.”

That’s the point. One day God will call us. On that day our time of grace ends and eternity begins. Then it will be too late.

Now you know why the apostle Paul pleaded: Don’t procrastinate! “Now is the time of God’s favor, not is the day of salvation” (2 Corinthians 6:2).

To destroy our souls the devil doesn’t have to get us to say, “No,” to God. All he has to get us to say is, “Not right now.”

Make it a point to be in worship on Sundays. There are many warnings and promises of God you need to hear while you are still alive.

Pastor R.