Devotional Thought

Jesus Has an Empty Grave

Jesus Christ didn’t live a long life. It was just 33 years before he ended up in a grave with a big, old stone covering the entrance. His grave site was guarded by soldiers saluting the Roman government. But his grave was a whole lot different than any other grave.

You see, an angel came down from heaven and rolled away that big, old stone. The grave of Jesus was empty! Oh, the grave clothes were still there, but Jesus was gone. He had risen from the dead.

The angel didn’t open Jesus’ grave to let him out. Jesus was already gone.

When the soldiers saw the angel, they were afraid and ran. Even their armed presence couldn’t keep Jesus in the grave.

Angels announced Jesus’ resurrection to women who had come to anoint his body. Later on Jesus’ disciples also learned he had risen, just as he promised.

Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday morning. He is alive and well. He is also with us always.

The man who worked for John Deere believed in Jesus. So does his son. So do the people in our church. We are happy Jesus is alive. He conquered death for us. Someday we shall rise from the dead too.

“Because I live, you also will live” (John 14:19).  Jesus said that, and a whole lot more.  Be with us every Sunday to hear more of what he has to say!

Pastor R.