Devotional Thought

What’s Missing In Your Life?

Jennifer sat at her desk in her bedroom trying to put together the 100-piece puzzle she got for her birthday. As she put each piece in place, she started to see the picture on the cover of the box taking shape. Finally, she got to the end. But — oh no! A piece of the puzzle was missing.

Jennifer looked all over her room for the missing piece, but she couldn’t find it. She walked away from her desk sad and unsatisfied. The puzzle just wasn’t complete without that last piece.

Have you ever stepped back to take a look at the “picture” of your life? Maybe you said to yourself, “There is something missing in my life. I feel like the picture of my life is incomplete.” You thought you had everything in place, but there was just something missing. Perhaps it was that newborn baby you hoped you would have someday. Perhaps it was that vacation to the Bahamas you always wanted. Perhaps it was that new car or dream home. After you had those things, you still felt unsatisfied. You still felt something was missing.

There is a “God-shaped hole” in every person’s life. If we try to fill that hole with anything but God himself, we will be forever unsatisfied. Our life will be incomplete. It is like putting together a puzzle with one piece missing.

That’s why God sent his Son to this earth. Jesus is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Jesus brings us a full and satisfying life right now, as well as eternal life in heaven when we die. He accomplished this by dying on a cross to pay for the sins of the world and rising from the dead on Easter morning. Those two events prove that Jesus really is God himself, the piece of the puzzle that is missing.

There is no need to keep on looking for what is missing in your life. It is Jesus. Believe in him. Get to know him better.

Trust in Jesus. Then you will have the most important piece of the puzzle in your life, and your life will be complete — full of joy, hope, and peace.

Pastor R.