Devotional Thought

Addicted to Excitement

What shall we do for excitement this weekend?

The search for a thrill can become an addiction. Once you’ve been there, done that, it’s no big deal anymore. There has to be a faster rollercoaster, a computer game with better graphics, a different golf course, a better car, a new hairstyle and color. It’s an obsession.

The never-ending search for a thrill, like any addiction, can destroy a life. What do you do when the excitement of using marijuana wears off? Go on to harder stuff — and ultimately death. What do you do when your marriage is boring? Have an affair — and remove all trust.

We have been programmed to believe that anything not new or unique must be boring and irrelevant. First it’s bungy-jumping, then hang-gliding, then parachuting, then . . .

It’s not what we do, but what we are that makes life routine. We seek out the newest thrill, but we ourselves are the same old people, just as selfish, just as greedy, just as lazy, just as frustrated, just as confused, just as hard to live with, just as guilty, just as afraid, just as insecure.

It would be exciting to be really changed, really different, really new — from the inside out. New cosmetics won’t do it. A new soft drink or restaurant or climate won’t do it.

We’re routine because of who we are. What can fill this emptiness inside that we haven’t been able to fill, no matter how many things we’ve tried? Who can satisfy our souls, cleanse our hearts, end our anxiety?

Jesus Christ can.

He is not new, but he makes all things new. He has not changed in two millennia, but he changes lives every day.

Life’s greatest thrill is to know Jesus Christ as the Savior.

Pastor R.