Devotional Thought

What’s the Answer When I Have Doubts?

It was a Monday morning in March. It was the start of another work week. It had been a hard winter, but spring was in the air. Janet, a middle-aged woman, went to work as usual. Life seemed to be turned around for her.

Janet was divorced after more than 25 years of an abusive relationship. Her two sons had married. She had purchased a nice home a couple years ago. She was enjoying fixing it up, and she had just become a grandma!

On that Monday morning in March, Janet’s life took another turn. She suffered a severe stroke. It left her paralyzed on her left side. It also affected her reasoning abilities and her emotional stability, as a stroke often does.

If that had been you who had suffered that stroke that Monday morning in March, how would you have reacted? Many people might say, “I would have had my doubts about being able to go on with my life.”

What if you were one of Janet’s sons? What kind of doubts would cross your mind?

When troubles come to live with us, doubts are numerous. We doubt ourselves. We doubt others, We doubt medical science. We even doubt God.

We ask, “Why does God let bad things happen to good people? Does God care for us? Does God really love us?”

What should we do when we experience doubts? Where should we turn? The answer is simple. We need to turn to Jesus. He came to seek and save sinners like us. By his death on Calvary’s cross, he freed us from the consequences of our sins and delivered us from all punishment.

We know we will never be worthy of God’s love and care. But then again, we don’t have to earn it. God has reached out to us through his Son, Jesus, and has given us the gift of eternal life. It is Jesus himself who comforts our troubled hearts with the words, “Stop doubting and believe” (John 20:27).

Pastor R.