Devotional Thought

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

An airline pilot had a peculiar habit. Whenever he took off from his hometown of Minneapolis, he would ask the copilot to take thecontrols. Then he would stare out the cockpit window.

Finally the copilot’s curiosity got the best of him, so he asked, “What do you always look at down there?”

“See that boy fishing on the river bank,” the pilot replied. “I used to fish from that same spot when I was a kid. Whenever a plane flew over, I would watch it until it disappeared and wish that I could be a pilot.” With a sigh he added, “Now that I’m a pilot, I wish that I could be back down there fishing.”

It’s natural for us to spend time thinking about where we’d like to be, what we’d like to be doing, and what we’d like to have. We all have our own personal hopes, dreams, and desires.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a vacation, or a different job. Theproblem is that many people want things they shouldn’t.

A woman who has grown tired of her husband’s increasing sloth and his lack of personal hygiene begins to look for a new partner, if even for a night. A man unhappy because he isn’t making as much money as his neighbor looks up the corporate ladder. He begins to scheme how he can get someone fired and replace him.

Driven by a lust for sex and wealth, people desire fulfillment. What they receive instead is emptiness and heartache.

Scripture tells us that true satisfaction can only be found in a relationship with God. “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4).

When our desires are in harmony with God’s will, we won’t waste time lusting for things that we shouldn’t have. Real satisfaction comes from knowing that all of our hopes, dreams, and desires are fulfilled through our relationship with Jesus. His love is the source of our joy, hope, andsatisfaction.

If you are dissatisfied with your life, don’t try to solve your problem all by yourself. Look to Jesus. Trust in him. You won’t be disappointed. Through him satisfaction is guaranteed.

Pastor R.